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Welcome to the Aquavore Diet

What if there was a magical, no calorie substance that would help us feel satiated, lose weight and reduce our risk of disease? There is. The Aquavore Diet shows you how to use water to live a thinner, healthier life. Get Details


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Is this just a water fasting diet?

No, this diet is about choosing those foods that have high water content. Simply drinking water isn't enough and trying to drink all the water your body needs in a day can be nearly impossible. Choosing foods with high water content not only keeps us hydrated, but also tricks our bodies into satiation with fewer calories consumed. The Aquavore Diet isn't about drinking water and nothing else, it's about finding those amazing foods that give us water, vitamins and minerals at a very low calories cost.
The Science Behind the Aquavore Diet

What foods are recommended?

The Aquavore Diet is all about choosing those foods that make you feel fuller without making you eat tons of carbs, sugar and fat. By analyzing and cross referencing lists of foods that rank low on the glycemic index and high in the satiety index, The Aquavore Diet pinpoints those foods that will give you the most satisfaction and nutrition at the lowest cost. And the winners are...
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What is my ideal weight?

You may already be familiar with the concept of Body Mass Index, the system invented by Adolphe Quetelet that has been little challenged since he came up with it in the 1800s. It's simply calculated by taking your weight divided by your height and squaring it. In pounds and inches, it's about 700 times your weight divided by your height in inches squared. Anyone whose Quetelet Index, or Body Mass Index is about 18-25 is considered in good shape, while those from 25-30 are overweight, and above 30 are obese.
Determine My Ideal Weight