10 Healthiest Foods

What are the 10 healthiest foods that exist on the planet? We’ll list the 10 healthiest foods here and more!

But what makes the 10 healthiest foods depends on what is defined as “healthy.” Are they the foods with the most vitamins? Are they those with a high water content? The lowest cholesterol? The most fiber? Let’s start by looking for the 10 healthiest foods with the widest range of vitamins and minerals. If you include fortified foods, then we find multigrain cereals at the top. Close behind, liver from poultry captures a wide range of vitamins and minerals (the liver is a hard-working organ that needs lots of nutrients). Though we don’t typically consume great quantities of these, the spices paprika, parsley, chives, spearmint, thyme, sage, chili and basil rank highly too. Egg whites and egg yolk also have a broad spectrum of nutrients.

If we include fiber in our ranking system, the 10 healthiest foods include fortified bran cereals followed by the several spices above as well as rosemary, oregano, coriander, curry and cinnamon. Beans of all categories follow closely. Unfortified rice bran popped up in the list. Hundreds of other foods follow closely behind as well.

What about those “yucky” vegetables we keep hearing about since we were kids that are supposed to be so good for us?

Well, if we look for the 10 healthiest foods with the strongest range of vitamins, the highest water content and the least cholesterol, we find kale, parsley, spinach, dandelion greens, turnip greens, grape leaves, collards, basil, squash, pumpkin, carrots, acerola cherries, mustard greens, tomato products, thyme, broccoli, sweet potatoes … these made the top.

And from this list, what if we choose those with the 10 healthiest foods with the highest fiber content? Grape leaves, spinach, dandelion and mustard greens, kale, collards, chicory greens, peppermint, tomato products, spearmint, beans of all kinds, edamame and carrots were tops.

And finally, from this list, those with the 10 healthiest foods with the most water, highest fiber, richest range of vitamins, least cholesterol and least calories?

Turnip greens, parsley, chicory greens, mustard greens, spinach, grape leaves, collards,  beet greens, kale, dandelion greens, chards, collards, thyme, spearmint, carrots, mustard spinach, basil … .all those vegetables you thought you were going to get away from. The surprise is that fruits didn’t approach this selective list.

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