Leptin is a chemical found in our bodies. It’s part of what Dr. Dunn terms the “lipostat” system in his book, The Aquavore Diet. The more energy stores we have, the more leptin we have circulating in our system. Theoretically, our “lipostat” systems should tell us that if we have too much fat stored, then our hunger should decrease to compensate. However, with time, for too many of us this system fails. One theory is that, like insulin resistance, leptin resistance may set in with chronic signals of overweight. 

In the future, perhaps a leptin pill or an injectable form of leptin can be injected into us just like insulin. But that simply doesn’t exist yet. They are working on this, however.

But like insulin resistance, leptin responses to changes in our diets can slowly be reversed. Part of the reason for yo-yo dieting is that we don’t give our bodies a chance to get our “lipostat” systems re-calibrated. People diet hard and fast to lose weight. Yes, these diets work at first. Then, with an uncalibrated “leptin meter,” our bodies really start to send signals of having too little fat stores, and the result is uncontrollable appetites.

In The Aquavore Diet, Dunn explains that with this knowledge, staying on course following a more gentle and easier-to-follow diet is the only solution to re-calibrate the “lipostat” system that will allow for a permanent solution to get us back to a healthy weight. 

Find ways to re-calibrate the lipostat system in The Aquavore Diet.

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