The Aquavore Diet: A Revolutionary Concept in Dieting

You may have heard of low carb, low fat, and high carb diets--you name it.  However, this diet takes a fresh approach to looking at food groups. The Aquavore Diet stays true to its name by concentrating on foods that have high water content.

Different people have different eating habits.  Some people eat only twice a day, some eat much more often.  But those who have put on extra weight all have one thing in common.  They ate too much.  Why?  Because their bodies and minds asked for it. 

Granted, as humans we're very complicated.  But for most of us, it comes down to one thing: appetite.  And yes, there have been 1000s of diets, some very sound.  But one thing always ends up victorious in the end--appetite, and it grows stronger every day as we cut back the calories--we're just made that way.

But what if there were a way to trick your body into thinking it got the food it asked for?

That's what the Aquavore Diet does. Aquavore Diet creator Dr.William Dunn, M.D. , noticed one thing slowly approaching cigarettes as the major unnatural source of cancer, and it wasn’t toxins in our food.  It was, and is, being overweight.  Obesity will far surpass cigarettes as the number one cause of cancer in the near future, in addition to being strongly linked to heart disease, diabetes, and a myriad of other conditions. 

Who should be concerned about the growing obesity epidemic?  "Only" two thirds of all of us, and that's almost everyone in Europe, Australia and in the Western Hemisphere! 

Only something super easy to follow and universally obtainable could ever hope to match this coming problem that is waiting for too many of us, and that's what is at the heart and soul of the Aquavore Diet. A easy, cheap way to feel satiated, lose weight and protect youself from disease.

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