What is an Aquavore?

a) A new sign in astrology for those born when comets come close to Earth
b) A fish-man who uses telepathy to call his sea friends
c) None of the above

The answer of course is (drum roll, please) … C

You’ve heard of “Carnivore” (think of T-Rexes, wolves, and sharks). You’ve heard of “herbivore” (think of cows and rabbits).

So, what does an “Aquavore” eat? You’ve got it! WATER! An Aquavore “eats” water. Think of soup. It can contain up 95% water or more. Yet we habitually say we “eat” soup, though many drink it in a mug. 

An “Aquavore” doesn’t just eat soup. She eats anything she can get that has a high amount of water while having a high amount of life-giving nutrients. 

Water is the essence of our life. It hydrates us, purifies us, cools us, lets us transport nutrients and energy packs where we need it. Without it, we can’t live. Then it follows suit that choosing foods that are water-rich naturally will lead us to the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Dr. Dunn’s The Aquavore Diet details step by step the latest medical news. From a sea of medical findings, Dr. Dunn has discovered how science can be used to give us the highest nutrition and best diet possible to:

  1. Feel and look our best
  2. Save money in medical bills
  3. Avoid fatigue
  4. Think smarter
  5. Move faster
  6. Avoid wear and tear on our joints
  7. Avoid cancer, heart disease, and diabetes

It’s been said that since the “death” of the “low-carb” and “low-fat” diets, no other diet could be made—until now. These fad diets failed for several reasons. We challenge you to read The Aquavore Diet. The logic and science behind Dr. Dunn’s treaty will astound you—you’ll see why there’s nothing faddish about this diet at all. Instead, it leads to a permanent solution, not just for dieters, but for anybody who wants to enjoy the best healthy choices with the least effort. 

Learn more about the benefits of being an Aquavore in, The Aquavore Diet.

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