Best Diet Foods

The best diet foods include your favorite foods. Even “Death by Chocolate” could be part of your diet as long as you order it very rarely as a reward, and when you order it, it should never be met with guilt. The best diet foods should include your “less” favorites, but staple foods should hardly be changed. Nobody eats chocolate alone for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, 95% of people eat a mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Many people, however, find fruits and vegetables boring or even tedious in comparison with fatty foods and starches. Still, several diets stressing one macronutrient over the other have been compared. Given the dangers of a high-fat diet, probably this type of diet should be avoided. You probably haven’t heard of a popular high-fat diet. But you have heard of a high-protein or high-carb diet. There are variations of the two. Some famous variations of these diets went head to head in a study from the New England Journal of Medicine. Which one was the best? They all did about the same, resulting in a few pounds of weight loss after several months. 

So what are the best diet foods? Because the most widely accepted diets do about the same, and ultimately have little effect on weight loss, then is there something better? Not really. The foods are the same. They’re all good, if we keep the right balance. However, the choice and timing of these foods is what counts.

The best diet foods are those that turn our favorite foods into something we can enjoy, but not have to sacrifice.

So get to the point. What are the best diet foods? They are those that have a high water content, a high “satiety” index (or filling power), high fiber, high protein, and ideally low calories. 

The combination of all these qualities yields dozens of foods. So, what are they? You can find out about these in the “Aquavore Diet,” which teaches you how to choose the right foods, and when to eat them to achieve an effortless pathway to your ideal weight.

The best diet foods are waiting for you to enjoy them. Read about them in The Aquavore Diet. Get your copy today and start your journey to your body’s best.

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