Eat Your Way To Eight Glasses A Day – The Best, Water Rich Diet Foods

Water Rich Diet FoodsThe Aquavore Diet is all about choosing those foods that make you feel fuller without making you eat tons of carbs, sugar and fat. By analyzing and cross referencing lists of foods that rank low on the glycemic index and high in the satiety index, The Aquavore Diet pinpoints those foods that will give you the most satisfaction and nutrition at the lowest cost. And the winners are:

1) Lentils
2) Soy products (like tofu)
3) Peanuts & salmon (a tie)
4) Beef (lean)
5) Cherries
6) Chicken
7) Peanuts
8) Turkey
9) Almonds
10) Tuna

These foods (and the hundreds of other food that didn’t make the top ten but still ranked very well) are the foundation of the Aquavore Diet.

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