Best Healthy Food

What is the best healthy food there is?

First, we need to know why we eat. We eat to provide us energy. If we are athletes or outdoor workers, we need to store energy in greater amounts. Nomads who go long periods with little food likewise need to store extra energy. These people could probably afford a higher fat content. But most of us don’t fall in these categories. We need to eat smart. 

The best healthy food are the ones that are:

  1. Energy-Poor: That’s right, energy-poor. We don’t need to store energy like the nomads. We need enough to get us by on a day-to-day basis. Any extra storage of food means added pounds—and that leads to health problems.
  2. Water-Rich: Does that mean food has to be watery? Not really. Some foods you think are dry, like radishes, are more than 85% water! Fruits and vegetables make the best healthy food choice in this category. Dr. Dunn’s book, The Aquavore Diet, explains the reasons he believes stressing water-rich foods in our diet is the key to losing weight the easiest and most healthy way through the latest scientific findings reported in medical science.
  3. Fiber-rich: Fiber doesn’t mean eating tree bark. Fiber can be found in the sweetest things: fruits. It’s in nuts too. It’s not in meats. Meat has fibers—but not the fiber we’re talking about, which is plant material that makes our cholesterol go down and our waste products pick up speed.
  4.  Nutrient-rich: If you’re going to limit your food intake, then you’re going to have to get smart about which foods to choose. Not all foods have to be dark green leafy vegetables to provide this. Several fruits are tops in the line of the best healthy food nature has to offer. In meats, consider liver once in a while, but watch the cholesterol—it has a very broad range of nutrients.

Variety is the key in any diet—without it, even people not on a diet will become nutrient deficient, almost by fault, if not overweight.

Read The Aquavore Diet about the right foods and how you can turn your diet around and give yourself the best chance stay at your best weight for good by picking the best healthy food for you.

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