Healthy Diet Plan

A healthy diet plan starts with the basics, called macronutrients. All a healthy diet plan should include are the basics: fats, protein and carbohydrates. Eliminating one of these three components of a healthy diet plan will risk making it unhealthy.

A healthy diet plan has roughly these proportions:

  • 60% Carbs
  • 30% Fats
  • 10% Proteins

If you increase one while keeping your total calorie intake the same, it means that another has to decrease. The USDA has compiled decades of research to identify the best balance, with input from medical organizations around the world. They are the ultimate source for the best healthy diet plan. Other cultures, you may know, have different foods than what we eat. For example, you may have heard that in the Orient people eat much less meat than in the west. Granted. However, the total amount of protein they get from plant sources such as soy more than makes up for this.

Dr. Dunn lays out an excellent healthy diet plan in his book, The Aquavore Diet. The Aquavore Diet explains the concepts of how you can achieve your weight goals while eating the foods you want. He discusses how you achieve a harmony of macronutrients. Shakespeare talks of a “balance more replete” or the fullest balance is what you need to achieve. For example, perhaps you really love fatty foods and can’t give them up. The Aquavore Diet shows how your own body will guide you to its own healthy diet plan.

Any healthy diet plan you consider should eventually meet these objectives. However, if your diet plan gives more emphasis to one macronutrient group, then make sure that you speak to your doctor first. For example, some diet plans emphasize proteins and fats much more than carbohydrates. That may lead to excessive ketone formation—not a healthy diet plan goal! A diet with no more than 25-30% proteins, 40% fats and 30% carbs for a few months is probably something your body can take. However, after several months what might have been considered a healthy diet plan may become too hard to stick to, because straying away from the USDA guidelines could eventually leave us with cravings.

To learn more about a healthy diet plan that balances all three macronutrients, pick up a copy of The Aquavore Diet today.

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