Healthy Eating Habits

We are creatures of habit. We sometimes would prefer a fast food item over an expensive restaurant dish that might even taste better but does not provide that comfort that  our old friends “Mr. Hamburger and Dr. Fries” give us.

Habits protect us. It makes our days so much more efficient when we know exactly where our keys are before we leave the house, because we have the habit of putting them there before we go to bed. It makes us secure at work knowing we finished our daily routine when we habitualize the motions necessary to complete them.  

Habits can also be bad, as you can imagine. For dieters, overweight can be a terrible result of a habit. The 10:30 coffee break might be taken next to a vending machine that sells danish. For several reasons, we might automatically put in money in the machine and eat it—completely out of habit, rather than hunger.

The counter-attack? Develop a healthy eating habit instead. That doesn’t necessarily mean eating a healthier snack at that time. It could mean skipping the snack and taking a brisk walk around the building instead. It could mean meditating in a quiet place or writing our children an email. Substituting the culprit with another comforting habit is a wise choice.

The Aquavore Diet was written by a cancer doctor in search of ways to help people avoid cancer and other diseases by facing choices such as these, but armed with information to do it. Knowing why you and your body end up in overweight situations and the ways to combat them makes you almost there. The rest is up to you. Forming healthy eating habits are just one of these tricks to put you in the right path to a permanent and healthier you that you can read about in his book.

Learn how to form healthy eating habits by reading The Aquavore Diet.

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