Healthy Food Choices

1) Fats: Slim or overweight, you know that you have to avoid foods that have lots of fat. But in making healthy food choices, following the guidelines of the USDA, fat can actually comprise 30% of our intake. Don’t worry about trying to fit more fat into your foods though. This is more than easy. The trick is to make healthy food choices, like Dr. Dunn discusses in The Aquavore Diet, that actually turn the fats you choose into something good for your heart. The ones to avoid are saturated fats. Of that 30%, saturated fats should be about 5%. That’s what’s hard, because in so many processed foods this type of fat is all too abundant. Most plant foods are proportionally low in saturated fat. In your cooking, use olive oil. This contains high levels of monounsaturated fats—great for your heart.

2) Proteins: Healthy food choices in this category are those that “cheat” the system. The Aquavore Diet shows us how this is best done. Try to get your protein from vegetable or fish sources. Combining certain groups such as beans and rice provide us with the essential amino acids that combine to make a “complete protein.” Picking your proteins from beef, veal and pork is more difficult. Inherent in these meats is a high cholesterol content. You may know how to pick your meats—sirloin cuts have lower fat content than the “tastier,” softer meats like porterhouse. Avoid gravies. The oils that drain from that roast beef are your chance to enjoy a leaner meat—don’t pour them back on your plate.

3) Carbs: The Aquavore Diet shows you how to make the healthiest food choices in this category and teaches you the science behind low GI carbohydrates. By lowering the speed at which sugars obtained from carbohydrates enter our blood, we give our bodies a chance to maintain an adequate sugar level in our blood. High GI foods rapidly enter the blood stream, which is met by a subsequent hard drop in levels, leaving us hungry in a short period. 

The Aquavore Diet makes healthy food choices in all these categories a piece of (low calorie, low GI) cake!

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