Healthy Food Snacks

What are some healthy food snacks? Is it portion size that makes it healthy? If healthy means low calorie, and you can get away with a 100 calorie snack for the whole afternoon, more power to you. But for dieters, healthy food snacks are those that’ll take some science to help you along. The Aquavore Diet shows you how picking healthy food snacks is easy once you understand the principles behind the book. 

From this list, what do you think might make the list of healthy food snacks?

  1. Apple slices
  2. Chips with cheddar dip
  3. Energy drinks
  4. Fruit pie
  5. Carrot sticks

Believe it or not, the best snack is the one that makes you have the lowest calorie tally at the end of the day. For most, that means looking for snacks that have the highest water content. As a bonus, look for snacks in this category that have lots of nutrients. So you guessed right—an apple is probably the best choice. 

The Aquavore Diet was written for dieters looking for answers on how best to beat the system in a world of choices that lead to eventual dieting failure.  Healthy food snacks are one of the features in this book that you’ll learn in an easy and enjoyable way.

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