How Do I Determine My Ideal Weight?

Determine My Ideal WeightAmazingly, Adolphe Quetelet invented a system to determine an individual’s ideal body weight that has been little challenged since he came up with it in the 1800s.  It's simply calculated by taking your weight divided by your height and squaring it.  In pounds and inches, it's about 700 times your weight divided by your height in inches squared.  Anyone whose Quetelet Index, or Body Mass Index is about 18-25 is considered in good shape, while those from 25-30 are overweight, and above 30 are obese.  There have been refinements to this index that add waist size as well.  However, the Body Mass Index has several problems: it doesn't work for children or the elderly, nor does it work for those who are very muscular and athletic. 

Let’s say your "QI" or "BMI" is 31.  Are you very athletic?  If not then you most probably are too heavy for your height.  But the good news is that for the average height of women at 5 feet 4 inches, you can weigh up to almost 150 pounds and just make the magic number of 25.  Of course if you are exercising and eating right, daily, and your number turns out to be 28, perhaps this is your personal healthy set point. 

There are many online calculators to help you determine you BMI, or simply look up where your height and weight intersect on the chart below:

bmi chart

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