Soup Diet Benefits

Soup, glorious soup! Soup is an ancient food—evidence for this is found even in excavations from archeological digs. When our ancestors discovered fire, they probably soon discovered soup when the first vegetable or piece of meat fell into a heated pot of rain water. 

The Aquavore Diet, written by Dr. William Dunn, cancer specialist and prevention expert, is not a soup diet. Still, soup diets could be a viable way to obtain:
1) High nutrition
2) Calorie reduction with appetite control
3) Good hydration
4) Long-term weight control and therefore disease prevention

However, the danger in following any diet, like a soup diet, is lack of variety. Any lack of variety leads to deprivation, boredom and therefore eventual failure. But Dr. Dunn’s The Aquavore Diet shows the importance of soup in the diet as an important tool that can be used frequently to help maintain our ideal weight in a very easy fashion without calorie counting. The Aquavore Diet shows how to convert common dieting patterns into healthier ones with the aide of water-rich foods such as soup. A soup diet should only be viewed as a healthy one if it is part of a healthy eating habit, or as a delicious alternative to other water-rich, nutrient-packed and energy poor foods.

Healthy ways to follow a soup diet can be found in The Aquavore Diet.  

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