Water and Weight: The Science Behind the Aquavore Diet

The Science Behind the Aquavore DietWater is the essence of life.  We need it for eating, thinking, digesting, moving, sleeping, growing--we need even for breathing!  Why?  Because to transport oxygen to our tissues from our lungs, our blood must be surrounded richly with--you guessed it--water. 

We lose about 8 to 10 cups of water a day that must be recuperated.  Getting eight glasses of any fluids is difficult.  Luckily 20% of an average diet is found --you guessed right again--in the water content of our foods. 

We also need about 2500-3000 calories daily to maintain our weight.  3600 calories "weighs" about a pound.  Theoretically if there were a diet that was 80% water, we could eat about 18 pounds of food daily vs. the 1.5 -2 pounds most eat.  Why?  Because water has no calories. But this isn't theory.  18 pounds sounds satisfying, but also kind of crazy. However,  there are plenty of foods with 80% or more water in them.  Even some meats come close to that number.  After all, our bodies are made of 65-70% water, so that shouldn't be surprising.  It's a matter of knowing which ones to pick, not just to make your doctor happy, but keeping you happy as well.  Afterall, you can't live on water alone.

Careful research has been made based on these facts, and that is what the Aquavore Diet is based on.  It combines the best science in the fields of satiety, the glycemic index, proven diets, and makes sense of it all by exposing their universal bond--water. No, it's not as simple as drinking extra water--a temporary fix at best, and hard to keep up with.  But scientific research has come a long way to reveal the reasons, and the solutions as well.  The Aquavore Diet--the New Science in dieting.

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