Top 10 Healthiest foods

The top 10 healthiest foods are those that contain these items:

1) Lots of water. Why water? Water is the essence of our life. First, most of us don’t get enough water in our drinking habits. Up to 25% of our water intake should be found in foods. Eating foods high in water content makes it that much easier to get it. Increased water in the top 10 healthiest foods increases the nutrient availability to our bodies—drier consistencies may make it harder to absorb them. Water-rich plants typically have more nutrients, as their internal systems ferry nutrients more easily with a watery substrate. Water is absolutely the most necessary, number one ingredient in your choice of the top 10 healthiest foods. Learn more about water in our diets in The Aquavore Diet.

2) A broad range of vitamins and minerals. Sure, some foods may be rich in one or two nutrients. That doesn’t make the cut into the 10 healthiest foods. However, those that have a medium content in several categories may be a wiser choice, unless you truly are deficient in only one vitamin (vitamin C in oranges, for example.) We simply can’t forget folate, zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium, lycopene, calcium, and of course all the vitamins. Sure, we could take a supplement. But staying natural with the top 10 healthiest foods is the best way to go.

3) Fiber. Fiber is an ingredient that should be part of our list of the top 10 healthiest foods. It is a great disease prevention tool, preventing all three of the biggest killers: cancer, diabetes and heart disease. For our heart, it works to help reduce our cholesterol. For our blood sugar, it works by helping us reducing the overall glycemic index of our foods. For cancer, it helps our colon by eliminating toxins faster and more regularly. Indirectly, it helps us beat cancer by reducing our appetite. This leads to weight control, and thus eventual cancer prevention. A great ingredient for our 10 healthiest foods.

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