Water Diet

What is a water diet? Well, a water diet can mean different things to different people. For some, a water diet could mean having nothing but water all day. For others, it could mean having water with your meals. Some advertisers will tell you their water diet involves herbs, spices or flavors in their special waters. 

Does a water diet with pure water work? The fastest, surest way to lose weight is to go on a water diet. If you starve yourself, you will lose weight, period. No doubt about it. But nobody has to tell you the dangers of starvation diets. Strike

1. Does a water diet containing herbs and spices or flavors have any calories make any difference? The answer is no. Strike.

2. Does drinking water during your meals help? Foul ball. But you’re still at bat. Why? Dr. Barbara Rolls at Penn State University demonstrated that drinking water with meals isn’t an effective way to reduce calorie intake. 

The Aquavore Diet shows you how water, the essence of our lives, can not only help you control your appetite and lose weight, but how you can use this “water diet” as a method to beat cancer as well. This water diet is one that really works—as proven by science—but doesn’t involve starvation. This “water diet” will let you eat your favorite foods without restrictions or omissions. No protein-only diets here. Written by a practicing physician, you’ll read how the Aquavore Diet will safely take you to your ideal weight. You’ll also read about the latest concepts in dieting—helping you to weed out the hype and get down to the nitty gritty. This water diet will let you swim with the sharks, allowing you to eat seafood as well as your favorite foods. Although we say no restrictions, by no means does an Aquavore “go overboard.” While you get your feet wet, you’ll see how easily this “water diet” curbs your appetite with a seemingly effortless plan. Read The Aquavore Diet—and get more “in depth” understanding of how you can finally take control of your weight, and your health as well.

Is a water diet right for you? Find out by reading The Aquavore Diet today.


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