Worlds Healthiest Foods

What are the world’s healthiest foods? Is it American? Italian? When we go out, what is our safest bet?

Of course, you know there are several factors including the type of dish, the cook, the amount we eat and drink. But are there general guidelines?

The world’s healthiest foods would be those that typically leave you full with fewer calories at the end of the day. They must also have less saturated fat, and provide several vitamins and minerals.

To choose the world’s healthiest foods would be difficult without these criteria. Now our job is actually easy. The type of food you should automatically consider would be the foods that are water-rich and contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals. These include legumes and greens. The foods to avoid include those that contain high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. In the realm of starches, pastas prevail over breads due to a lower GI index. Foods fried and soaked in oils lose to baked foods.   

When we think of Chinese foods we think of Chinese buffets. Yes, there are lots of vegetables. But most of the meats are deep fried, as are the other goodies like egg rolls. 

When we think of Mexican, again, they can have lots of legumes. But usually they are accompanied by a deep fried corn shell and lots of sour cream.

American foods (burgers, chicken, fish) typically involve deep fried recipes as well as lots of breads. 

Italian: we think of pizza—lots of saturated fat and high in calories. Pastas with tomato would be better, but usually this is accompanied by lots of bread on the side. 

Caribbean food: lots of legumes and protein from spicy meats. Great for appetite-busting ingredients. But the sauces can contain lots of saturated fats.

Yes, at first glance, these foods are not the best. The lesson: if you go out, you have to make your own “world’s healthiest food” by avoiding typical plates and being a little creative. If you order tacos, lose the sour cream. If you eat pasta, don’t eat bread too. Never eat fried fish—ask for baked. Ask for thin crust pizza—vegetable toppings preferably. Can you eat a burger with just one of the buns? Ask for a side salad instead of fries. When you eat Chinese, go light on the fried items—there’s usually meat items there that aren’t deep fried, and include lots of vegetables.

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